Hedging with Heirloom Okra

hill country heirloom red okraThanks to Adrian Higgins for highlighting our okra in his great "tip of the week" for growing edible, ornamental okra hedges! You may want to try mixing and matching plants of different colors and heights, for a living display of the incredible diversity of heirloom okra.

From The Washington Post:

Tip of the week

Provide a decorative and useful edge to the vegetable garden with a row of okra plants. Sow seeds now and thin after germination so plants are spaced 18 inches apart. Plants can grow as high as seven feet, depending on variety. Soak seeds overnight before planting to speed germination. Apart from local garden centers, a good source of okra seeds is Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (540-894-9480,www.southernexposure.com).

— Adrian Higgins

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