Kids enjoying veggies

Little Elan’s enthusiasm for working in the garden is adorable.

He was helping us transplant broccoli the other day…

…and Fionn came to visit. We decided show him around.  We took a little walk with both kids in the garden.

Our cattle panel trellis with asparagus beans can be enchanting even for an adult, so we weren’t surprised that Fionn liked it.

Elan showed Fionn the Sweet Genovese basil.

…which he seemed to prefer over Dark Opal Basil. Or maybe he just wanted to compare them more closely.

Roselle leaves also made for a tasty treat…

…and ground cherries are Elan’s favorite.

The Perfection peppers were a hit, too.

When Fionn ran off between the tomato cages, Elan was holding a Doe Hill Golden Bell pepper

And later they shared it while they played on the tractor.  With our garden, it’s fun and easy to get our kids to eat vegetables.

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