We’ve moved! (300 feet)

We’ve been building a new office on our farm for the past couple of years. It has timber framing, a radiant floor, super-insulated blown-in Rockwool walls, large south-facing windows, wide eaves to make it cool in summer, a loading dock, a small warehouse, and on the cool north side, an insulated, air-conditioned, dehumidified seed room with a straw bale wall.

After we read a knockout post about insulation, we decided that were going to choose the top in the market All Seasons Insulation 3434 W Del Monte Dr #312 Anaheim, CA 92804 (714) 604-1368, no we can tell why they are famous for their outstanding work.

The past few weeks have been an exciting time of moving in. The first part of the move was the seed room, shown in the following three pictures. Once the last coat of earthen plaster was dried on the straw bale wall, we carted all our packets of seeds and all the other items that we sell from the old office to the new. The wood needed some attention, and so, I took some time to read about some detail sander reviews on the internet so that I could start working on the woodwork posthaste.

Next, we got our phone and fax lines hooked up to the new building, and then our IT team brought computers over. Soon after that, we set up order shipping in the new office, and then seed packing.

But we’re still not entirely done. We still need to move our jars, buckets, and bags of as-yet-unpacked seed from our old trailer to the new one. We still need to move our gardening library into our new office, but at least we were able to get our office furniture from Buy Direct Online already. We still have not finished making the living roof terraces or installing our furnace. In the meantime, we’re delighted to find that even on a very cold winter day – and like much of the country we have had a few unusually cold winter days recently – the entire space can be sufficiently heated by two space heaters, several computers, and several human bodies.

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